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I am honest in my reviews and i am not going to support the absolute shit some people seem to love just because the mindless masses do. Prepare for a cold glass of just ice! >.<

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Posted by MajinMaian - December 26th, 2012

Dream log:

I remember feeling so tiny, So helpless.. We seen this Giant blue elf like man, Dressed in egytian like golden atire. He was lean and gigantic.
I felt so humbled and scared looking up and realising I was powerless. If this man wanted to step on me and crush me, There was nothing I could do.
The bottom of his toes had teeth jagged looking teeth.


went to a dinner at beach comber type hybrid Gosford location.
never got dumpling chicken thing i wanted only 2.
Hayley whore caused friend to get beaten to a bloody pulp with her bullshit and probably killed.


Graveyard at Norah head replaced with a broken up church and witch cult with tied up virgin dead/ undead naked witches.
Leader grabbed shot gun, Shot at us and we got away..

Night time stumbling around in the utter dark. Wanting to get naked in buffpoint which was behind graveyard church.

killed leader who was now a vyre madams husband. Replaced him.. Lots of nudity.. trying to appeal to vyres kid.. for some reason world turns realistic.
part 3.
At a foreign but strangely familiar house. Dirty but comforting and large with things such as cool games, Nintendo 64's, tv's pizza and cool shit even though the house smelled of gross piss.

Trying to find a bathroom to pee in, Found hot teen who suddenly liked me and complained and said i couldn't use her bathroom so she lead me around her house... she started eating food, never got me to bathroom.. was walking around with raging hard on following her and her damned loose fitting pink pyjama pants. Hubba hubba


Had a dream I was telling everyone about rug rats hidden message only everyone already knew and was like "Why didn't you cunts tell me?!" And while bitching I became corporeal and fell through a tree and faded back out of it but when i did the bark from the tree had fused with my flesh and I was picking it from my flesh.

It was also new years eve and I was flooded with the thoughts that "Its statistically impossible to have a good time on new years eve! there's too much pressure to have a good time making it always fail."


Dream log

Posted by MajinMaian - October 7th, 2012

People have been bitching about their precious hi-scores on a certain game lately been tainted by people buying their way into success on Runescape.

People need to grow a pair and stop caring. Runescape requires no skill to get into score boards.. Maybe with the exception of mini game hi-score. The rest of the time its just filled up with people who no life the game. I love runescape, But I play for me, not to feel superior by some pathetic number on a score board.

When did games become about achievements, scores and kill streaks?

I am utterly compelled to get achievements on games, I think it is a great motivator to experience games you would otherwise avoid and realise there is more than Call of duty or world of warcraft to play in the world.

I Don't get why people get so worked up over score board on a game that is so popular that the only way to get into the hi-scores is to literally have no life or cheat. Its just the reality of popular things. Be happy that you have experienced sun light in your life time and fresh air and probably aren't on the verge of having a heart attack at age 32.

Enjoy games for what they are! Stop worrying about what other mother fuckers have got going on.

I hate people bitching about corrupted hi-scores..

Posted by MajinMaian - February 8th, 2011

I want to take the time to thank all the stalker fans i have now. Thanks for following me and thinking you are some wicked bad ass going to each one of my reviews and and clicking useless.

You're all so cool and it really makes my day that you think its some mad retribution because I made you cry by having an honest opinion about your favourite shitty submissions that were 'OK' at best.

Sorry that its a struggle to keep up... i know, know! over 220 reviews... impossible to vote useless on everyone and still have a life outside of this website, so thanks for taking the big wank of a time only doing it to my recent ones because you are too lazy.

In case you can't tell and most of you fuckwits couldn't judging by your piss poor spelling and extremely colour foul language I AM BEING SARCASTIC!

That is all.

oh wait i have included a picture of my cat in a beer carton AHA!

~pew pew pew, its gun wave time~

To my dear stalker Fans

Posted by MajinMaian - December 24th, 2010

I can't for the life of me vote on some of my favourite submissions, is anyone else having this problem? I make it my mission to vote on my favourite submission's daily to keep them high in the scores.

Is there a limit to how many times you can vote up a submission?

It just says submitting vote and never finishes submitting. Not having this issue with more recent items.