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I feel like this is more suited to be on youtube rather than newgrounds, although all mediums are accepted, it still feels out of place. I will say your work is stunning and its interesting to see it all come together.

I like that you have created and nurtured a strong female amusing character into life. While this just feels like an advert, its still done in an amusing witty light hearted way that is enjoyable.
I don't particularly like the stop motion type of animation in this, however If that is your style, Its not my place to judge. Just not for me.

I am glad you changed your clothesline Distributor to someone more reliable. Shark robot have really good products and I have yet to receive a crappy clothing item from them. I remember the issue I had when I ordered the Zone shirt 2 years ago and I <3 Tentacles for my Girlfriend at the time and they they came out warped.
I might actually be willing to purchase more of your items, I know I want thread the needle.

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Really good good good. Id be more constructive but I think I am slightly drunk, by which I mean I definitely am.

Well i think its better than the real deal. But thats just me.. Still no sound is disappointing.

Simple yet addictive and fun.

playgb responds:

Glad you like it. Thank you for playing =)

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Definitely one of my favourites of this 'Sky sanctuary'.

Definitely not my favourite variation, but pretty cool in its own right. Great for what it is.

This in my opinion.. is absolutely butchering a master piece. those drums *SHUDDER*

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Poor green whale gun books.

I thought this was pretty cool :)

Catches the realism in female gamers rather than the hipster bitches.


I am honest in my reviews and i am not going to support the absolute shit some people seem to love just because the mindless masses do. Prepare for a cold glass of just ice! >.<

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